Daniel, my very essence depends on tv shows and cute boys
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Orphan Black » Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion (2x02)

Jamie Chung || 2014 MTV Video Music Awards (August 24th)

Tyler Posey Celebrates 23rd Birthday in Vegas!

"Hooker Mom turned out to be Bomb Mom. I freakin’ love this job."


malia tate appreciation week ✿ day three

favourite outfits/hairstyles

The question I’m asked most often as a defense attorney is whether I can tell if my clients are innocent or guilty. I don’t care.


What fairy tale character would you play?

teen wolf au: roleswap
(based on this incredible au)

in which allison is the main protagonist struggling with school, first dates, broody ex high schoolers and full moons. lydia is her snarky unconventional ‘sidekick’. scott mccall is the new kid in town that comes from a family of hunters.